MAR 2017

Loctite Brake & Parts Cleaner 550ml

  • PRODUCT : Loctite Brake & Parts Cleaner 550ml
  • TIME : 2017


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Description :      

Loctite Brake & Parts Cleaner is a multipurpose, solvent based product, formulated for the removal of grease, oil and dirt. The cleaner is free of halogenated hydrocarbons.

Loctite Brake & Parts Cleaner is also available in aerosol cans, using carbon dioxide as a propellant.

Applications :

Loctite Brake & Parts Cleaner removes grease and oil from all parts, e.g. Brakes, clutches and transmissions. It also removes adhesives and sealant residues from motor, carburetor and transmission flanges prior to the applicant of new sealant. The cleaner can be used to remove hardened grease from hinges and joints prior to renewed greasing.