Aug 2016

Freeze & Release (310 gram)

Freeze & Release (310 gram) by Henkel Loctite
  • PRODUCT : Freeze & Release (310 gram)
  • TIME : UNTIL AUG 2016


Henkel Loctite Indonesia

Loctite® Freeze & Release instantly freezes seized and rusted parts (bolts, nuts, studs) down to -45ºF (-43°C). The exceptional shock-freeze effect causes microscopic cracks in the layer of rust, allowing the lubricating ingredient to wick directly into the rust by capillary action. The assembly can be easily dismantled after allowing 1–2 minutes penetration time.

  • Shock freezing, -45ºF (-43°C) is a quick and convenient method for releasing seized and corroded parts. It provokes differential thermal contraction of the parts due to the abrupt, nearly instantaneous freezing. Cracks opened in the layer of rust allow penetration of the lubricating ingredient.
  • Capillary effect* achieves fast and efficient wicking of the lubricating ingredient into thelayer of rust.
  • Released parts remain lubricated and protected from corrosion.

*Capillary effect is the ability of liquids to wet freely the surface of objects and wick very quickly into hairline cracks (even up a height against the force of gravity).