EVOline by LMT Tools


Sustainable increase of productivity is the result of numerous individual innovations and it is based on intensive experience and creativity of the development experts. A perfect example for this is the totally new designed axial rolling head EVOline from LMT fette.

The proven benefits of the thread rolling process compared to cutting processes, like extremely short machining times at highest thread strength, constant dimensional accuracy and excellent surface qualities with high tool life, will be extended again and are setting a new standard in performance for thread rolling.

Among the most significant features of the new axial rolling head EVOline is the easy to handle, but extremely precise fine adjustment into the diameter to be rolled and the easy assembly due to the modular design.

The setting of the rolling diameter with fine adjustment in the range of 0.01 millimeter  is featuring high replicability resp.repeatability of the pitch diameter and absolute process safety at highest handling comfort.

The modular design of the rolling head contains of thread rolls, roller cage, rolling system housing incl, central fine adjustment, the closing clip reps,closing device and the shank with brand new adaption. All common shank sizes are available.

The interface between clutch and shank guarantees a precise concentricity combined with safe torque transmission. Customized modifications are possible. For example a coolant driven closing device can be integrated very easily as an option.

A huge progress towards a highly increased process safety is incorporated by a new chip guard in the EVOline rolling heads. Chips and other particles from preliminaryprocesses cannot enter in  the rolling head anymore  –  even with opened clutch

EVOline – this is how rolling works today.

Customer Benefit :
– Short machining time, high thread strength and high thread quality
– Easy and precise fine adjustment of the rolling diameter
– Incerased process safety due to chip guard
– Safe and easy assembly due to modular design
– Customer specific applications as well as closing device easy to adapt

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